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Senior and Disabled Services

CORE is committed to providing services by way of service coordination and activity programming for our senior and disabled residents.  The goal is to assist residents who are living independently and increase their quality of life.  Services are provided to a broad range of clients from various ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds; as well as to seniors that range from active and vigorous individuals, to people with disabilities, and the frail elderly. 

The purpose of the Senior and Disabled Program is to provide for the provision of Life Coaches who coordinate supportive services and other activities for our senior/disabled participants.  These services are designed to help improve the living conditions of our participants that enable them to remain independent and avoid placement in a full-care facility to the greatest extent possible, while increasing their quality of life.   

CORE Life Coaches provide community-wide congregational services for over 1200 senior and disabled participants.  Please see below some of the supportive services that are provided; 

  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living 
  • Health and Wellness Classes  
  • Nutritional meals and congregate services 
  • Disability counseling services 
  • Transportation 
  • Sponsorships for Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays 
  • Computer training, life skills classes and other classes specific to individual/community need 
  • Creative Arts Program 
  • Outdoor Trips and Activities 

Services are offered through all INLVIAN Senior and Disabled Sites; 940 Brevard, McAlpine Terrace, Parktowne Terrace, Edwin Towers, Charlottetown, Autumn Place, Woodlawn House, The Landing, and Strawn.  


Alethea O. Ramey
Senior and Disabled Program Manager
(704) 919-7523


Being involved in these programs, camps and teams keeps our youth active and engaged, while helping them learn lifelong skills and lessons.