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About CORE

Creating Opportunity for Resident Empowerment

CORE (Creating Opportunity for Resident Empowerment) Programs is INLIVIAN’s non-profit supportive services entity and the heartbeat of the organization. We provide supportive services to INLIVIAN residents and we do this by assessing the needs of our residents and coordinating enriching, resident-focused programs that assist and encourage residents along the path to achieving economic and social independence.

These programs, which are provided through our in-house Life Coach staff, assist more than 2,500 households in the county.

All our residents are welcome to visit our offices on East Boulevard to enroll in the many services available to help identify and overcome barriers to self-sufficiency. These services are offered to INLIVIAN residents and Housing Choice Voucher participants at no charge.

Our Mission

CORE exists to resolve the inequities between poverty and opportunity.
CORE believes each INLIVIAN resident is worthy of respect and investment.
CORE delivers individualized services that lead to self-reliance and well-being.

Our Purpose

To deliver supportive services to INLIVIAN residents that move along a continuum of steps to self-sufficiency and independence.

How to Get Involved

Giving Your Time

Are you ready to make a difference? There are several ways to volunteer your time with CORE Programs.

CORE offers monthly and quarterly workshops or classes to families enrolled in our programs. We are always looking for professionals to volunteer by giving of their talents or expertise via workshops or classes that can benefit our families including youth, seniors and those living with a disability. 

If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, please contact Regan Sadler at

In-Kind Donations

Donate Welcome Baskets
Welcome a family or individual who successfully exited subsidized housing to Homeownership or a homeless family moving into INLIVIAN housing with a gift basket filled with household items for a fresh start. Items can also be delivered or dropped off to our main office 400 East Boulevard Charlotte, NC 28203 and our staff will put baskets together on your behalf.

Donate School Supplies
Provide school supplies for youth throughout the year for those times when students run low after the start of the school year.

Donate Items not covered by SNAP (US Governments Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
Help a family in need of diapers and wipes for their young children or needed household supplies such as cleaning supplies, toilet tissue, paper towels/napkins, soap, laundry detergent, dish detergent, etc. 

CORE is always seeking partners who can provide various services and programs for our residents. To learn more, please contact Chris Campbell, Senior VP of Community Partnership at 704-336-8555 or email:

Corporate Sponsors
CORE offer various onsite programs, classes, or events for our residents.  Receiving corporate sponsors for meals during these events would benefit these sessions tremendously. Also gift cards or items for giveaways is also helpful.

Volunteer for CORE’s Advisory Board

As a subsidiary of INLIVIAN, CORE is governed by a Board of Directors composed of INLIVIAN Board of Commissioners. Unlike other social service agencies, the INLIVIAN board is not actively engaged in fund raising or related community advocacy. Because CORE is pursuing new collaborations and partnerships within the community, and seeking philanthropic support, we created an Advisory Board whose dedicated role is advocacy, fund raising, and helping push CORE’s mission forward.

Advisory Board members are local ambassadors, engaging in outreach and advocacy on behalf of the program and making valuable contacts with potential supporters, funders, and local, state and national partners. Advisory Board members add to the local credibility and stature of the program with key stakeholders in the community.

If interested in learning more about our Advisory Board, please contact Tomico Evans, Executive Vice President at 704-336-5619 or email:


We invite you to support our families, programs and communities.